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Germany has pledged a total of 483.6 million euros in development aid and soft loans for 2021, according to a statement released Wednesday by the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation.

The engagement was announced following the annual German-Jordanian development cooperation talks chaired by Minister Nasser Shraideh and Parliamentary State Secretary to Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development Maria Franziska Flachsbarth.

In addition to the 108.7 million euros promised by Berlin for the Jordanian Response Plan to the Syrian Crisis (JRP), 344.3 million euros will be devoted to the financing of priority projects through grants, technical assistance and subsidized loans. Of this amount, 300 million euros will be provided in the form of financial assistance and will be dedicated to supporting various sectors, including water and sanitation, education and vocational training.

An amount of 44.3 million euros will be provided in the form of grants for technical assistance while 36.6 million euros represent the previous commitments made by Germany, according to the statement.

Shraideh said the talks provided an opportunity to study and agree on current and future priority projects, saying they have taken place in a mutual consultative manner and in a constructive and transparent atmosphere.

The Minister thanked Germany for the help it has given to Jordan and has contributed to many priority projects, especially in the sectors of water, education, training and education. professional and technical, in addition to additional support for communities hosting Syrian refugees.

He stressed that all of this reflects Germany’s understanding of the challenges facing the Jordanian economy at this stage, and that Berlin is ready to support the Kingdom as a reliable partner through its commitment to provide financial assistance and technique to meet these challenges.

During the interviews, Shraideh reviewed the performance of the Jordanian economy and the main economic and social challenges, including last year’s economic slowdown and high unemployment rate, indicating that these challenges have worsened in due to the repercussions of the Corona pandemic.

German officials were also briefed on the government’s economic priority program for 2021-2023, which has come to focus on economic recovery and growth by encouraging the private sector to create more jobs for Jordanians, in addition to improve the coverage of national social protection programs. .

The minister told German officials that Jordan is interested in loans granted under development policy to support the general budget on concessional terms, calling on the German side to continue providing a package of financial aid to favorable conditions to support the budget and priority sectors.

The Minister also reviewed the National Employment Program, under development, for the years 2022 and 2023 as one of the main components of the government’s economic priorities program and that it is important to obtain a technical and financial support for this program from Germany.


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